OBLAK is a small privately-owned publishing house founded by Blanka Kučerová with the aim of creating geographic colouring books that educate tourists – children and grown-ups alike – about the places they visit.

We publish A4 sized colouring books in colour and black-and-white for families to take on a trip and for fun in the evening. In each of these non-traditional guidebooks you will find 15 places of interest, with descriptions in Czech and English.

The first destination to receive such a guidebook was the mountain town of Vysoké nad Jizerou (October 2014). We went on to publish a colouring book about Malá Skála (June 2015). The third one was about Semily (June 2016) and the fourth about Rokytnice nad Jizerou (July 2016). In September we published a colouring book dedicated to Železný Brod. In the weeks leading up to Christmas 2016 we started the distribution of the colouring book and postcards about Poniklá, followed between Christmas and New Year by Paseky nad Jizerou and Harrachov. In 2017 we published colouring books of Prague and Jilemnice. We will publish new coloring books of Liberec town and Kořenov (very very soon).

The pictures in the colouring books are original creations hand-drawn by Eva Hanoutová. The editing of the texts and production of the colouring books are coordinated by Blanka Kučerová. Translations into English are done by Michal Brnušák. Also helping out in their respective capacities are Josef Musil and Eva Suchomelová (proofreader) and Jan Štifter (editor-in-chief of the Barbar Magazine).

We are now working on colouring books about other destinations and are in talks about cooperating with larger regions.

If interested in having your own place covered, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone, or drop by our office:
Věnceslava Metelky 67, Vysoké nad Jizerou, see 
Kontakt (Contact information).